​Simon Henocq - electronics

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From anarchic noise music to shaped electronic pulsations, WUC is a performance where textures, breaks and syncopations overturn a new audio reality,  rough, rugged and radical.


​Simon Henocq - Guitar

Micha Nick - Violins

Nicolas Souchal - Trumpet

Gummi kneads sound material and plays with its elasticity, stretching and looking for the breaking-point with fantasy and jubilation. Over the course of a common musical desire, a flow appears and grows. Somewhere between the post-rock tension of Godspeed you! Black emperor, and timbral shimmer of Farben by Schönberg


Copyright: David Dubuis



Fantasy is hidden inside the dessert, to be eaten with fingers. Filled with a lot of cream. And a lot chocolate. Sliced with a sickle, served with a trowel, to be eaten whole. Dripping everywhere is the way we like it.

An electronic delicacy, way too sweet, sprinkled with too much acidic dyes, mixed with a noise blender then coated with gelatin flambé.
To be candied in a cauldron and mixed. For young and old, liver attack guaranteed and assumed.


​Simon Henocq - electronics

Luca Ventimiglia - electronics



Basile Naudet : saxophone

Simon Henocq : electronics, guitar

Luca Ventimiglia : electronics, vibraphone

Maxime Petit : bass

Augustin Bette : Drums

Club Sieste is an experimental noise jazz group of improvisers. Live performance features the musicians at the peak on their respective instruments: saxophone, bass, vibraphone, guitar, drums, and electronics. Yes it’s noisy; yes it’s abrasive; and yes it’s delicious!



​Simon Henocq - electronics

Philippe Foch - percussions

Smooth or rugged conversation between finger druming, percussions & electronics.

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​Simon Henocq - electronics

Julien Chamla - drums

Geyser of relentless and cutting energy, maelstrom of electronic music and primitive percussion ...


Copyright: Robin Hill

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